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Alex Ferrari is an author, blogger, speaker, consultant, the host of the #1 filmmaking podcast on iTunes Indie Film Hustle Podcast, and an award-winning writer/director with 25 years of experience in the film industry. As a director, his films have screened in over 500 international film festivals. 

Alex exploded onto the indie film scene with his award-winning short film BROKEN. The film went on to screen at over 200 international festivals and has been reviewed by over 250 news outlets worldwide including famed film critic Roger Ebert.

"Broken is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques." - Roger Ebert.

Through self-distribution, the BROKEN: Special Edition DVD has also sold over 5000 units worldwide. Produced on a budget of $8000 and boasting over 100 visual effects shots, BROKEN is one of the most celebrated shorts in recent years.

Being frustrated in seeing how his fellow filmmakers were being "chewed up" by the film business, Alex decided to start Indie Film Hustle, a website dedicated to educating filmmakers and artists on to survive and thrive in the film business. He also launched a podcast focusing on filmmaking called "The Indie Film Hustle Podcast." Within three months of its start date. the show became the #1 filmmaking podcast on iTunes. He's also the host of the popular screenwriting based Bulletproof Screenplay Podcast.

After launching Indie Film Hustle, Alex decided to create the world's first streaming service dedicated to filmmakers, screenwriters, content creators and artists called Indie Film Hustle TV (IFHTV). Alex has worldwide his life to helping people realize their dreams and uses IFH and IFHTV as a platform to do so. 

Alex's feature film debut was the award-winning This is Meg. The film stars comic actress Jill-Michele Meleán (Reno 911, MadTV), along with Krista Allen, Joseph Reitman, Debra Wilson, Carlos Alazraqui, & Jenica Bergere. Alex wore many hats on this indie film including directing, producing, cinematographer, cameraman, editor, and colorist. The film was sold to on Hulu, and available on IFHTV, iTunes, and Amazon. 

Alex's current project is the feature film On the Corner of Ego and Desire. A statical look at the indie film world shot entirely at the Sundance Film Festival. Will be released sometime in 2019. 

He was featured in the international best-selling book "Making Short Films, Third Edition: The Complete Guide from Script to Screen" and is the co-author of "The Art of Broken." His new book Shooting for the Mob (Based on the Incredible True Story) hit the Amazon Best Deller's List within a few weeks of its release. 

The book is about:

A bipolar gangster, a naive, young film director, and Batman. What could go wrong? Alex Ferrari is a first-time film director who just got hired to direct a $20 million feature film, the only problem is the film is about Jimmy, an egomaniacal gangster who wants the film to be about his life in the mob. From the backwater towns of Louisiana to the Hollywood Hills, Alex is taken on a crazy misadventure through the world of the mafia and Hollywood. Huge movie stars, billion-dollar producers, studio heads and, of course, a few gangsters, populate this unbelievable journey down the rabbit hole of chasing your dream. 

Alex is currently speaking at events, film festivals and conventions around the country.